(If you're new to reading these blogs from me please remember that these are disc golf re-writes of previously written- mental game of ball golf books that I've founr interesting or helpful. Most of my posts have been from D. Morley from a 1970's book he wrote.)

**D. Morley**

Most pros will tell you that the long approach is one of the most difficult shots to throw, but what they rarely explain is that the reasons for this are not always physical. The mental difficulty again arises from the feeling that the long approach demands an involvement with two elements – distance and accuracy – but that in many ways this amalgamation is even more difficult here than the second drive.

Few people have difficulty in accepting the concept of accuracy with the long approach. Where the physical problems arise is in the area of power, whereas the extra-long range driver thrown at 70% or a mid-range driver thrown at 95% of a player’s available power. Because of this underlying doubt as to which style of disc to throw, there is often a high amount of questioning that a player will do with this shot. Without pure intent during the shot a player’s throw will often burn into the ground, hyzer out early and appear jerky and without confidence. Many players find it difficult to adjust mentally to the physical variation.

The main psychological block in the long approach is allowing the disc to operate as it was designed. That disbelief is reinforced by a fear of commitment. There is no magical solution to this fear. You’ve got to practice this shot. Knowing your distances during the particular weather conditions will be the key in creating a high level of confidence. Very few players ever throw drivers at low speed levels. Throwing an extra-long range driver at 60-70% is seldom practiced by many players. A player must gain a solid understanding of this shot as tournament course lengths are stretched. It appears that this level of the game will come into play more often. A player has got to go into this part of the game with the attitude of “Try it- You’ll like it”. If you do, in time you’ll begin to gain confidence in it. To be effective user of this shot, “you’ve got to believe.” Your score will reflect it.

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Comment by Jeremiah Jones on April 24, 2011 at 9:57am
this is so true for me, it seems like a 300 foot open shot from the tee pad is easy but I get in the middle of an open fairway and can't find the basket on my second shot. In fact I did both of these things on the same hole at Becker yesterday, threw one into the ground and hyzered one out, great!

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