By D. Morley

The exhibitionist is a type very common to disc golf. Their clothing is generally looks as if they walked out of a REI catalogue or an old freestyle contest. This golfer swaggers like a peacock out for a stroll in the afternoon sun. S/he is intensely aware of their every move. They obviously enjoy the impression s/he makes. In a way these jaunty peacocks are a harmless and refreshing addition to the color of the game. They relieve its underlying tension.

Today, the trend is somewhere between a fashionable day trekker drinking a vanilla latte and longhaired sandal wearing hippie, but the exhibitionist goes beyond this, not only in his/her apparel but in the way s/he plays the game. The exhibitionist has a strong sense of the dramatic. This person loves nothing more than to stand center stage on the tee, performing with the full brilliance of the spotlight. Nothing is dearer to their heart than the small talk and whispers of the players and gallery. And for this reason, you can always bet s/he is going for the big crushing drive. The exhibitionist never takes the easy way home. If there a big thumber shot over a huge tree, that’s the way they’ll go.

The exhibitionist never takes the easy way to the basket, if there’s a short cut over the tree, that is where s/he will go. Unfortunately, this golfer’s skill does not always match their grandiosity, and therefore often finding deep trouble. But, even this does not quench his/her excitement, for an exhibitionist loves the dramatic potential of situations that would strike terror into the hearts of most disc golfers. There’s something immensely attractive about any human activity that courts disaster, as witnessed by the massive interest in, and following of, people like Evil Knievel. Sensing this, the exhibitionist will always take the suicide route; the safe way is fundamentally repugnant in nature. The possibility of losing a couple extra stokes doesn’t bother an exhibitionist in the least, when weighed against the possibility of applause and approbation that s/he craves.

Even the putting area, that ultimate leveler of all beings, does not quell this person’s indomitable spirit. S/he goes for every putt. The exhibitionist never plays safe pitching under the basket. Whether the putt is 10 feet in calm conditions or 80 feet in heavy wind, s/he always tries to break the links of the chains. The motto “never up-never in” is theirs. And s/he is always up, but seldom in.

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