The Disc Doesn't Go Anywhere You Don't Throw It

Anything ever written about disc golf, whether discussing the physical act of the throw or the mental game of golf, comes down to this one simple- yet sometimes painfully honest statement.

There’s not a bad roll of the dice, no chance, everything is up to you. This also makes Disc Golf a physical game that requires a unique and complicated combination of actions to produce a desired result-a great shot, verses an athletic sport. I believe, as I’ve read in many mental games of ball golf books, that our sport is more closely related to bowling, diving, or gymnastics. An athletic sport requires much more reactionary skill as participants work individually or as a team to out-do one another- a reaction to the opposing player’s actions.

Walking through park throwing a piece of plastic, does not mean you’re athletic. You don’t need to have a certain body type to be great at disc golf. You don’t need physical endurance or brute strength to be a great player of our sport. Even some of our top pros Smoke and compete at the highest levels- you won’t see David Beckham taking a smoke break during the half of a Soccer game. But, how many players have smokes burning as they play disc golf. It’s just reality for some; Puff, Puff, Throw.

A player also doesn’t need a certain level of education to be great at disc golf. The amazing Dr. Rick Volkes is an anomaly-and although a top player- winning a World Championship doesn’t require his level of education. To my knowledge, Ken Climo isn’t Dr. Ken Climo and no doubt about it, he is the greatest player our sport has ever known. He is the “Champ’ and he gets the utmost of my respect. Despite my comments about educational levels, there’s not a top player, Climo included, that won’t tell you that the game is 70%, 80%, or 90% mental.

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Comment by Chuck Kennedy on May 31, 2010 at 9:50pm
8. I think the mental game can be the difference between the results of players of a similar skill level. However, it's likely not the most important difference between players who are say 50 or 100 ratings points apart. That would undervalue the impact of practicing putting and all other shots plus native athletic ability. But at the World class level with players who have developed skills to get to 1025 rating and higher, the mental game may be more than 50% of the difference in who wins the big events.
Comment by Barton Erickson on May 10, 2010 at 9:24pm
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