Let me reiterate that the writing on this blog is me rewriting the ball golf related materialabout the mental aspect of the game into disc golf terminolgy. I will always credit the original writers. I also may or may not beileive in 100% of their writing. It's something I love to do and I'm just forwarding it on to the readers of my blog.


The true joker tries to be funny all the time on the course, but especially when s/he is throwing a disc. They have to make the game of disc golf a comedy. They are more comfortable with laughter than tears. But beneath the clown’s mask is the tragic countenance of a person who is not being honest with themselves.

Jokers are pathetic figures because they are unaware of their own deceitfulness. They operate on the principle that if you can laugh at something then you no longer needs to fear it. But his/her laughter prevents them from even beginning to play the game competently. And no serious disc golfer who knows this person wants to play with him/her. The golfer’s defenses are too pathetically transparent, and most people wince when they get put on the same card.

To describe them at their worst, the true joker is a coward because s/he is afraid to put themselves on the line. Their rationalization goes something like this: “If I half try and miss then I still know that, if I really tried, I could do it.”

Playing with a joker seems fun at first, because it takes some of the tension out of the game. But there comes a point when you wish the levity would cease, because eventually the concentration and commitment of all the other players in the group will be affected. At some point, what has begun as good-natured tolerance of the joker ends with diminished respect.

Frequently, the joker’s comedy is an emotional manifestation of his inner lack of respect for him/herself. They know they are a coward, but naturally s/he doesn’t want to face the fact. The person laughs as s/he throws the disc into the woods, which is at first, a refreshing change from the charged atmosphere created by the angry player. But when the triviality is repeated again and again, it becomes embarrassing.

The angry type is at least a lot more honest with him/herself than the joker, and to that degree you can respect the person. But the true disc golfer despises and avoids the joker, even if the person is basically nice, because their lack of respect for the game is contagious. It breeds carelessness and lack of concentration, which the serious disc golfer wants to avoid. The serious tournament player cannot afford these human frailties.

Ultimately this feeling of aversion seeps through the joker’s elephant-thick skin. The joker is seen less and less around leagues and tournaments. Eventually you hear that the person has taken up ball golf, and, if you wonder about them at all, you wonder how many laughs they’re getting on the driving range.

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