BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM! The season is finally here. First, I want to thank TG
for running a heckuva good preseason warm up league. And, what better location
besides our very own Top 15 to host the main event! Winter Nights are the best
time of the year to play. No bugs, plenty of parking spots, No sunscreen,
Minimal recreation players, Easy to find your disc (if you obey the 10
Comandments of winter night DGing), beverages stay nice and cold, etc...

Location - Bryant!

Time - 6pm Tee Sharp (or maybe dull...)

Cost - $6 ($1 for Ace Pool)

Divisions - Open & Ams (will do others if there are 3 or more, come on out old

Payouts - 100% - Cash for all divisions (optional GC for GGGT)

CTP - $1 optional CTP (hole to TBD by first player to reg)

Schedule - I will post the tenative schedule by the end of the week. Rotating
schedule to play as many west side courses as possible before the snow comes and
stays. at that point we go to a 3 course rotation (Plymouth Creek and 2 others

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Week 2 - Location Basset Creek
Recap -

we had 23 people make it out last night, including several new faces, they might be hooked. Special thanks to Craig for hosting a lude bunch of DGers for warmups. Danas batch of Special K bars were great and gone before we knew it. We played 20 holes (1-12 & 5-12) with CTP on hole number 1 going to a crafty FHander, Tony Moccia with a Drone.

There were 3 ladies out, with Megan shooting a hot 67 and beating a lot of the fellas out there. Ellen came in second and Lisa came in third.

6 Amatuers and 1 super bagger played the Am Division. Even was last cash for Ams, with a -2 for second and Aaron E. managed to find some space in his bag for a few discs and lot of sand with -5 on the evening which would have tied him for 1st in Open. (Ams paid in GGGT Funny Money)

13 Open players, with scores across the board. Last cash went to the Bar Keep, Craig S with a 4 down. There was a 3 way tie for 1st at -5 with Eric H, B Day, and Myself.

Next week we will be at Hansen! We should have another large turnout, with many local Hansenites likely to show up and try to show us whats up on those cones. (Baskets should be Lite up too)

No Aces hit this week, $64 dollars carries over to Hansen!
Week 3 - 11/21/12 (Thanksgiving Eve) 6pm Start Hansen Park! Cone Love a cometh!

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