Well we had a great off season with some sun and warm weather, but now we can kick back to the way disc golf was meant to be played, at night and in the winter.

6pm Tee time

Costs $6 ($1 ace pool & $5 for payouts)
CTP = $1 + surprises and random fun (Previously Beer, discs, lights, hats, etc...)

Location - 3 course Rotation
11/06/2013 - Hansen Park
11/13/2013 - Plymouth Creek Park
11/20/2013 - Central Park
xx/xx/xxxx - repeat

18-24 holes per night (depending on weather, conditions, and turnout), usually long tees first round and short tees second round if applicable.

Amatures & Baggers alike - GGGT will be suppling sweet Merch credit

Plus there was some ACE Pool Carry over from 2012-2013 season (I will post the amount in the morning). $250 were paid out from the ace pool last year alone.

Any and all players are welcome, we are centered on having fun and surviving the night. so far we have a 100% survival rate (not including brain cells).

Everyone is a winner - My lovely wife, bakes tasty goodies each week

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Breaking News!!!!!  due to demand and lack there of.  The rotation will be making a change for the remainder of the season.  Players seem to dislike Central and this has been the weak link of the the three.  I have made an executive decision to now alternate between Hanson Park and Plymouth Creek.  With that said, last week we were at Hanson so this week we will be at PC.  ohh and the ace pool should be tip the scales this week and break the $100 mark again.  It was hit earlier this year at PC on short #3. 

*URGENT UPDATE* ok so we will give Central another chance.  I personally like the course and the layout and it was  sad  to pull it from the rotation.  Word spread on FB  and there was a an up roar.  So we will go to Central tonight 2/5/14.  Please come show your support for the course.

Again - 2/5/14 Central. 

The Ace pool is at $91 dollars plus tonights attendance.  Fresh batch of Danas famous PB Brownies.  Buzzz shoveled off the pads yesterday as well so the course should be in excellent condition.  See you tonight!

2/5/14 - Central Park

2/12/14 - Plymouth Creek (Special Pre Valentines Day event) Beer TP's and bonus Cash CTPS

2/19/14 - Hansen Park

2/26/14 - Cental Park

3/5/14 - Plymouth Creek

3/12/14 - Hansen

2/12/14 - UPDATE - Location will be at Hansen do to course conditions at PC and the pads.  Unsafe = un cool.


Still going to be pre Valintines day special event.  bring your love of cones and chains.  special CTPS.

URGENT!!! 2/26/14 Location change to Hansen.  The pads at Central have not been cleared since the recent dumping of more snow.  

Additionally there are only 2 more events left in the season, the clocks change on 3/8/14 and regular Westside Wednesdays will start back up.  The first couple weeks are generaly at Shakopee.   

The FInal wWw will also be at Hansen for the finals and your last chance at that Ace Pool which has been growing all season long.  Ace Pool is currently over $100 and there are a few excellent chances at Hansen to claim it for yourself.


3/5/14 - Final wWw of the season - Location Hansen Park


Its been a great year and thanks to everyone that has come out all season.  Special thanks to all those that helped shovel the pads this season.  It was a brutal winter for discing with many snow storms and polar vortexs attempting to stop our fun.  We are Minnesotan though, and we are stonger today for having endured.  Enough with the  sappy send off...


Whether you have been to every event or this is your first, everyone is welcome and will have a good time.   Tee will be at 6 oclock sharpish (I mean it this time...sorta) .  

There is will be an extra CTP and 2 Beer TPS.  If youw would like to participate int he Beer TP you will have to opt in to the additioanl Cash CTP ($1 extra gets you 2 Beer TP chances).   
We will be playing a shortened layout due to the snow amounts and difficulty traversing the course.  15 holes are played and it is much quicker than usual rounds.  1-9 then 6-11. 
As always, my lovely wife will prepare a feast of goodies for us; Chocolate Oatmeal Drop cookies, and a surprise. 
Ohh....and the Ace Pool is over a $100.  I will post the exact amount tomorrow. 

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