Well we had a great off season with some sun and warm weather, but now we can kick back to the way disc golf was meant to be played, at night and in the winter.

6pm Tee time

Costs $6 ($1 ace pool & $5 for payouts)
CTP = $1 + surprises and random fun (Previously Beer, discs, lights, hats, etc...)

Location - 3 course Rotation
11/06/2013 - Hansen Park
11/13/2013 - Plymouth Creek Park
11/20/2013 - Central Park
xx/xx/xxxx - repeat

18-24 holes per night (depending on weather, conditions, and turnout), usually long tees first round and short tees second round if applicable.

Amatures & Baggers alike - GGGT will be suppling sweet Merch credit

Plus there was some ACE Pool Carry over from 2012-2013 season (I will post the amount in the morning). $250 were paid out from the ace pool last year alone.

Any and all players are welcome, we are centered on having fun and surviving the night. so far we have a 100% survival rate (not including brain cells).

Everyone is a winner - My lovely wife, bakes tasty goodies each week

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Special K Bars for tonight.  Ace Pool is at $30 plus tonights attendance.


See you at Hansen!

We will be Plymouth Creek tonight! Only had 12 players last week, but expect a few more tongiht since it should be a little nicer. Ace pool is $42, and there are a lot of chances out at PC to claim that pool for yourself.
Hanson tonight! 6 pm Tee. Home made Special K Bars. Ace Pool was hit two weeks ago at PC by Craig with a Challanger on Short hole 3 (it was like taking candy from a baby). Ace Pool is at $16 plus tonights attendance.
12/4/13 -
We are on for tonight, SNOW worries for us. PCP (Plymouth Creek Park) 6pm! should be a great evening for Disc Golf. Ace pool is $32 plus attendance.

Dana made a 2 treats for tonight, Hot Coco Cupcakes, and Peanut Butter Brownies.
12/11/13 - Central Park, Brooklyn Park. Ace pool is up to $40. we will play two rounds of 9 or 10, depending if hole 7 has been pulled for the sledding hill. The temp hole is played by the dugout to the practice basket (about 300 feet). Going to be a chilly evening so remember to pack room temperature beverages to make them last longer before they freeze.

I should be there about 445 to shovel and salt the pads. See you all tomorrow! There will be cookies for tomorrow.
Last week was really frigging cold (-5 with windshield at -20ish), and there was fresh snow. 3 brave players (Buzz, Kappi and myself) battled the course, the conditions and each other. Super Special thanks to the AMAZING tee pads prepared by Buzzz, shoveled, salted, and prestine! Better pads then I have played in the summer, looking at you Basset Creek. I won with a 3 under, 51.
12/18/13 -

Tonight we dine on a mixed plate of chains and cones, HANSEN Park. Going to balmy out there, hope you bring your flip flops and beach towels. We will play 1 and 12 once from the shorts and 2-11 from longs then shorts for 22 holes of play. There are Peanut Butter Chocolate chip brownies for tonight, I recommend a milk stout to go with them. I wont be hurt if you dont listen to my recomendation, I didnt and brought Serrea Nevada Celebration.
REMINDER - 12/25/13 there is no wWw. Go spend time with your families!

1/1/13 - Starting the year off right, Special event at BRP. Rolling start at Noon. More detials to follow.

Merry Christmas everyone!
1/1/13 Shotgun Start at Noon on Wednesday at BRP. Dont be shy of a little cold weather.
1/9/14 - Back to the Rotation. we start this week at Central Park. Should be a nice warm balmy day after these past couple of freezathons. Buzzz should have the tee pads all cleared and ready to go. 2 rounds of 8 and the temp hole for 18 holes.

1/15/14 -Hansen
1/22/14 - PC
1/29/14 - Central and repeat
Hansen Tonight! Test your skill set with cones and chains. Should be a beutiful night, fresh snow from Yesterday plus we are supposed to get a some more falling around tee time. Chocolate Brownies with Vinilla chips, and an Ace pool which is at $75.

For those that havent played much this winter, all are always welcome! Great oppertunity to warm up for the St Cloud Ice bowl (Jan. 18th) and for the St Paul Winter Carnival (Jan. 24-25).

Plymouth Creek Park Tonight.  Last chance to warm up for the Winter Carnival especially for the Saturday night round event.

You know the drill. 6pm ish tee time.  Ill be out there early to attempt to clear the pads, any assistance is always welcomed. 

Ace Pool is at $80 with so many chances at PC its almost not fair...

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