Hey everyone!  Just got to thinking this weekend...have any of you ever seen anyone put together an instructional video of tips/techniques for throwing in the snow and ice?

I played more Winter holes this year (over 750) than I probably played the past three Winters, combined.  And the more holes I played, the more I noticed:

1. With a coating of ice underneath the snow cover, you can pretty-much forget about a traditional X-step off the tee.  That forces almost a different throwing technique off the tee entirely...one that uses much more upper body with a slightly different center of gravity, compared to conditions with good footing, where those hips and abdominals create much more of one's power.

2. With the need to wear 2-3 layers of clothing when it is bitter cold outside, you don't have the same reach of range of motion.  You can still rip that disc across your chest off the tee...but your disc is going to be just a bit further away from your body than it might be when you're only wearing one layer.  Again, even a slight change in form and disc position is going to have a significant impact on a disc's speed, flight path, and distance/accuracy.

3. Not as important as the first two...but when you're approaching a basket, whether off the tee or the fairway, a disc is going to react VERY differently when it comes into contact with snow/ice than it does when it hits grass/dirt.  Captain Obvious Award for the day...I know!  :-)  But it totally changes the spot/mark you're trying to hit with your disc as you're setting up your deuce/par.  Sometimes by 30-50+ feet!

Winter disc golf almost seems like a different game entirely from playing on grass/dirt.  I was just wondering if anyone has seen Discraft or ??? create a video on the subject.  Thanks!

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