Volunteers needed for the Majestic!  If you can attend, we are having a Volunteer meeting at Gotta Go on Tuesday, June 11th at 7:00 pm.  Please help spread the word!


We need disc golfers who play regularly and who can spot, mark OBs, and make sure the fairways are clear for shots are needed for BRP, Kaposia, and Hyland on Friday June 21, Saturday June 22, and Sunday, June 23.  Volunteer for one day, two days or all three.


Each volunteer will receive – at the very least - a shirt and $5 per hour Majestic Money to spend in the FlyMart room (so you can pretty much pick your own disc and then some!) in addition to having a front row seat for all the action.


We are also asking for 3 volunteers to act as Course Volunteer Coordinators to run the volunteers at BRP, Kaposia and Hyland on all three days.  This person will be in charge of signing in the spotters, assigning holes, giving brief instructions for each hole, and clocking the volunteers out at the end of the round.


If you cannot attend the meeting on Tuesday, please drop me an email on FB, at char@gottagogottathrow.com or text me at 612-963-3183 (if you text me, please let me know who you are :)


You can also help support the event by purchasing a Minnesota Majestic Bag Tag (which will register you for drawings to win merchandise) as well as the many Minnesota Majestic commemorative stamped discs.  You can check out all the Majestic merchandise in store or at http://www.gottagogottathrow.com/discgolf/brmn-majestic-merchandise....


Thank you for your support!

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