Third tourney of this series is the Viper Classic.. Sept 21st, 22nd, 23rd 2012. This tourney will be held at Madien Shade in Morristown, MN. This tourney will play 3 rounds of 21 holes. 2 rounds on Saturday, one round on Sunday..

Random draw doubles will be held on Friday. I have something very
special for the tourney for a type of player pack.. (it's going to be a surprise so don't bother asking, cause I won't tell ya) Sign up for this event is open now..
Now we have added cash for this tourney..
And Rob Hoven Will be making brisket for sat night players party and swap meet..

There will be plenty camping and golfing.. Tee off will be at 9 am on Sat. and Sun.9am. I will take sign up and check in all the way up to 830 am sat... So if you want to join us down there please get hold of me

If you want to camp out there is a 10 dollar per day fee for site rental..
Tourney entry Fees
Open 40
Open Master 35
Open Women 35
Advance Master 30
Advance 30
Advance Women 30
Intermediate 20
Juniors 20

course fee is 5.00 per day

If you are not PDGA there is a 10.00 extra upon the entry fee

Any questions or would like to sign up you can text me or call me at 651-895-9793 or contacting Fairway Flyerz 651-484-5035


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I'll Be There This Weekend. See Ya There.   House

Let me start by saying Viper did an excellent job running this tournament.  For all you sallies who didn't show up because it was "cold", here's what you missed:

  • Free 'Viper' double-minis with a potential surprise hidden inside (in the form of gift cards to various awesome places)
  • FREE smoked pork sandwiches for lunch, dinner, then lunch again
  • An awesome 21-hole course that plays very tough and would challenge anybody's game, complete with woods, water, elevation, tunnels, overhands and several bomber holes, too
  • Added cash from the campground owner in the form of a partial refund of the $5 per day pay-to-play (this man loves the game and it shows)
  • A donated replica print of the old barn from way back in the day (I'm sure a lot of you remember those tournaments) that was GIVEN AWAY FOR FREE as a CTP prize, along with a $25 gift card for a local framing shop that can frame the print using wood from the real old barn itself - total package would retail for $500

Great job Viper and I look forward to the 2nd annual Viper Classic in 2013.  

..... 2 day C-Tier?!?! Really?!? Bunch of us were down in Kansas for a big tourney, and our Westsiders were practicing up for Mider Cup.  Viper needs to run more non-sanctioned local tourneys to improve turnouts before even thinking about an out of town 2 day C-Tier....

If people were out playing other events, that's all good.  I'm just trying to highlight the event to peak interest for next year.

... yeah for sure. I'm glad some of you guys went down there. Just a tough one to fit in this late in the year, people are pretty worn out or have switched over to football mode haha.  I applaud Vipers efforts in all the tourneys he runs each year, I always look forward to the Spring Rip-It and Bassett fo sho! 

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