With spring here, I’m just giving everyone a heads up to be on the lookout for ticks and signs of tick bites. I unfortunately was bit and got Lyme disease a couple summers ago. 
I never saw the tick that bit me, but while on vacation I noticed a
small circle rash about the size of a dime on my backside belt line.  Two days later the rash had expanded to
about 10” in diameter (the characteristic bull’s eye) and I became very ill. I
got back to town and saw a doctor first thing. 
The doc conducted some tests and put me on antibiotics. I was very ill
(severe flu-like symptoms) but cleared up within a week or so. Hopefully no
long term effects.


Tips for ticks:

Use repellents

Wear light colored clothing

Check yourself (and your pets) for ticks

Most importantly, get checked by a doctor at the first sign of the traditional bull’s eye rash.  People who don’t receive prompt treatment usually have recurring
complications including arthritis. 


The other tip is to avoid tick habitats, but what disc golfer is going to avoid the woods for half the season, not me!

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Great advice Craig, I can also attest to having Lyme's disease - I got it last summer and it was a nightmare.

I was bit on the back of my leg and didnt notice the large rash right away - I went in to the hospital for terrible back pains and a full body rash...I received some anti-biotics and most of my symptoms cleared up within days.

Oh, I also got some nasty poison ivy a month after the Lyme's, so watch out for that too! :)

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