Hello everyone. It's sweet to be out in this great weather and getting in as much disc golf as possible... However a good friend Dave Sime    AKA ( Disc R Dave) was robbed in Albert Lea on March 18th sometime between noon and 4 pm...his rear window was open a bit and when he returned he found it pried open and was missing 2 wooden boxes of discs ( approximately 45 of them )!!! This frustrates me as I would hope it would you guys!!! If it is not too much to ask of you fine folks to PLEASE keep an eye out for anyone throwing discs with his name on them or anyone who might mention having a lot of used discs for sale!!! If you do find out there is no need to be a hero and give them a full body wedgie and hang them from the flagpole, ( although it being very tempting) It would be great to get him his plastic back!!! He filed a police report in Albert Lea and estimated the lost plastic and wooden boxes at $750. Please unite and lets get Disc R Dave his passion back!!! Thanx to everyone... Keep banging chains folks... :)

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