I recently added a couple more putters to my bag to work on my short game (and build inventory). Both hard and Soft Magnets and a Soft Challenger. I've been putting with a  hard Challenger since April and it didn't take much to get me to like it. I played a round of 18, putting only with a Soft Challenger. Shot a Plus 10. All my putts between 15 and 25 feet just seemed to bounce out, Even on the strong side. Seeing that many 4's on the card was not pleasant! Playing with the hard and Soft Magnets, I see no difference between the two. Those discs just get sucked into the basket. Hard and Soft plastic. And the Soft magnet just feels killer in my hand. I'm just wondering what your opinions are or what plastics seem to work better for you.

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In my experience softs will spring more, hards will cut through more.

I putt with "soft" wizards, but they really aren't that soft when compared to soft mags. I putt pretty firm and noticed that I when I use a really soft putter it tends to compress and spring back.
I'll second Jake's comments about the soft Wizards. Not the super-silly softs...but the softs. I like how they feel in my hand, and they seem to grab and stick to the chains. I don't putt nearly as hard as Jake does (him saying he putts pretty-firm is an understatement, as he has one of the fastest-speed putts I've ever seen...laser-guided strikes that don't lose their line hardly at all), but the softer Wizards have been really good.

If you're playing a lot in the Winter, moving to a bit softer plastic might also be nice, as the cold, dry air will make them fly a little more firm. In the Spring, Summer and Fall though, those Soft/Super-Soft Wizards are pretty darned nice.
I putt with hard magnets(softest flight plates i can find) and apx swirls, which is a soft putter. i believe comfort in your hand and predictable flight are more important than worrying about hard or soft. i like a soft flight plate cause it is a more comfortable squeeze in my hand. i think a good putt with anything should stay in. if it doesnt, it was just unlucky. have trust in the putter in your hand.
Bob L

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