Sept 12, 2010 - BORDER BASH MN -vs- IA PDGA Tier B event

  MN -vs IA

PDGA sanctioned Tier " B "

Pammel Park - Forest City

Sunday, September 12, 2010

8:30 - 9:15 sign up
9:45 Players meeting
10:00 Tee Time - shotgun start

2 rounds of 21

$70 - Pro
$60 - Open
$50 - Advance
$35 - Intermediiate
$25 - Junior & Recreational

-Current PDGA members receive a $10 discount off fee posted above
-Ace Pool included in entry fee

-Limited to 105 players

Camping on site:
$15 electric at all sites with water and sewer near by

To Pre- Register contact: or
507-438-6864 Jason Linnett #23923
507-440-0146 Nic Johnsen #23931 [/b]

Current PDGA members receive a $10 discount off fees posted on flyer !

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How the battle of the border will be scored to determine the champion.

The Border Bash will be scored just like a regular tourney, however to determine which state is superior it will be left up to the Pros. The top six finishing Pros from each state will determine the champion. The seventh placing state pro will only be used in the event of a tiebreaker. It comes down to high finishes and simple math. All we are going to do is add up the placing for the top 6 Pros of each state. Low score wins ( perfect score would be 21 – a 1 thru 6 finish ). Below is an example: Note if players from a state other than Iowa & Minnesota finish mixed within the top placers they are not counted but they do affect the placing by giving any Iowan or Minnesotan who finishes below them a lower finish and thus a lager number.

If the top six finishers of both states total up their placing and that number ends in a tie the highest finishing 7th pro member of the state will determine the championship.



1 – Minnesota
2 - Iowa
3 – Minnesota
4 - Iowa
5 – Minnesota
6 - Iowa
7 - Iowa
8 - Wisconsin
9 – Minnesota
10 – Iowa
11 – Illinois
12 – South Dakota
13 – Minnesota
14 – Minnesota
15 – Iowa
16 – Minnsota
17 - Nebraska
18 – Iowa

In this example Iowa would win the championship 44 to 45 over Minnesota. However if Seventh placer a Nebraskan would have finished 15th dropping the sixth Iowan down to 16 tieing the score 45 – 45 and then Minnesota would have won due to the tiebreaker as the seventh Minnesotan finish ahead of the seventh best Iowan.

Even though only the top 6 of each state phyisically count in the team score the other 7 thru howevermany players are still valuable by finishing high and taking spots away from the other states top 6 players.

Short explanation Tournament Scoring:

It is just simple math add up the top six finishers from each state and low score wins.
Brad Junnila said:
Why only pros?

I guess I was just trying to keep it simple. They tourney will be just like any other, the only twist is we will track the placement of the top 6 pros from each state to figure which side of the border the champion is on.

I'm open to any ideas for alternate way to score this.
shane wrote:
Seems like a good weekend to go play Waterloo then drive up to this and get a room. Hope to see you all there.

Dale, what is the CHEAPEST motel in town?

I will give all three

The Lodge (641-585-5060) - on the southside of town enter off of US 69 ( long wooded lane heading east ) They have both Rooms($65.75) and Suites ($86.95). The best part is they are closest to the park, the walking path that goes thru the disc golf course also connects the Lodge to the park. Your probably only a few hundred feet from Blue Tee 10.

The Super 8 (641-585-1300) - also on US 69 and just a little further south than the Lodge. Their rooms are $69.99. The Super 8 would be the newest hotel in town as I think it may have been built maybe 10 years or so a go.

The Village Chateau (641-585-4351) - also on US 69 but on the North side of Town. Their room rates are $56 for two double beds.

As of today they all have rooms available for the night of September 11th However due to the un-ending wind farms being built in this area many nights these hotels are booked full of wind farm workers as well as some highway road crews.

We also have Bed & Breakfast in this area if anyone has an interest.

Also - Don't forget we have a campground located right in the middle of our disc golf course ($15 includes Elec )
Player Bag update:

For the first 96 players ( 48 Iowa & 48 Minnesota ) your player bag will include a Border Bash T-Shirt with the Border Bash logo on the back and your state on the front chest with the word TEAM in the state. Thank you, MBT, J&J Disc Golf, and Memories & Keepsakes for sponsoring these shirts.

I have not seen what it is yet but I hear I have some 3M products to put in the bag as well.

All amatures will also have a J&J stamped disc in the bag. Thanks J&J Disc Golf..

Tournament book, course map, and new scorecards that show our new revised pole#14, #19 & #20 hot off the press will also be in the bags.

Hope to see you September 12th.
T-shirt back

Here is an updated map of our course with distances of each pole:

Hope to see some of you one week from today.
I'm getting a lot e-mails from Iowans who are attending the Border Bash ..... not hearing much from Minnesota yet. Sunday is the day ... send you best disc golfers down to the border to do battle,
First Border Bash was CLOSE one point!

MINNESOTA had the low score 37
IOWA was one point behind at 38

Congrats to Chris Claring for taking first with -9 for 42 poles!

Here is the Pro breakdown in placing:


Thank you for all that turned out ... we had 55 disc golfer attend, and had room for almost twice that, hope everyone had a good time and will be back for Border Bash II

Anyone who can get the CBS news out of Mason City Iowa be sure to watch the 10 PM sports..... and a longer story is being put together for Monday

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