Just thought I would start a thread so you guys can stay more updated on putter only league. 2 divisions - adv/open for $8 and int/rec for $5. We travel between 4 courses right now (I can add more to the mix if requested!!!)... red oak, alimagnet, brockway, and northview (eagan).


This wk we will be at Northview Park (Eagan, MN)! GREAT putter course! LOTS of ace runs. 2 rounds of 9 or 10 holes.

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oops... forgot... appx 6pm tee time!!!
Darnell, if you haven't already, could you fill out the League information one of the links from this page: http://mnfrisbee.ning.com/forum/topics/mfa-event-calendar-submissions
The league is on the calendar already... Did I miss something or is there more I can do? Lemme know and i'll get on it!
so when you say putter only league, does that mean one mold of putter, only one disc which must be a putter, as many different putters as one would like, what if the player uses a non putter for there putter (i know couple people that only putt with buzzz's, rocs, and meators)
You can use any disc that is classified by the mfg as a putter or putt and approach disc. No mids, drivers, all purpose, or anything like that. Zones and CLASSIC rocs, not regular rocs, are about the fastest discs still classified as putt and approach discs. You can bring as many discs as you want that fit the criteria. A lot of mfg's classify putters under putt and approach so that's why I do it this way. Hope that helps clarify it...?
My bad...I just wanted to make sure it was covered.

Darnell Rohne said:
The league is on the calendar already... Did I miss something or is there more I can do? Lemme know and i'll get on it!
No sweat! Same here! Thx for asking!
Could you please identify the course to be played each week in your calendar listings?
How do I do that chuck? I wanted to when I submitted it but didn't see an option for it.

Btw, this wk (tonight) is at Alimagnet in Apple Valley...
I would think you either just go in and edit the listing in each week and add the course. Or, maybe you need to set up four separate leagues on Friday that repeat every four weeks and have one course in each one of the repeating leagues.
Good idea! Thx for the help chuck!
NO PUTTER ONLY LEAGUE TOMORROW!!! I will be at doubles and would hope to see everybody out "there" as well!!!

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