Our State Association's event calendar can now beat-up any other State Association's event calendar, hehe: http://www.mapformation.com/portfolio/interactive/timemaps/projects...

Our Google Calendar has now been transformed into a Google Maps and Timeline mashup...where all Sanctioned/MST/MDS and Unsanctioned tournaments now appear in the same place. AND, the real beauty of it all? Once TDs enter their tournament information in our Google Forms (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHozYjNKbjMtck... andhttps://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHozYjNKbjMtck...), their information is INSTANTANEOUSLY added to the calendar. No more waiting for me or anyone else to re-enter the info into Google Calendar.

Still need to figure out how to add leagues...as it only works if people enter events, one date at a time! That, and there's a bit of a malfunctioning vertical scroll command I'm trying to fix. But we're 95% home-free now. It's the type of thing that other clubs, states, and the PDGA could eventually copy/use too! But for now, it's all ours (MFA/Minnesota). So enjoy!

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That.  Is.  Way.  Cool.

Thanks Josh!  Now all it needs is tournament directors to start entering their 2013 events...and we'll be ready to roll.  :-)

Nice work!.... It would be cool to have leagues on here too but I could see how that might get a little clustered in the full swing of the season.  I'm sure it will take time but it seems like a solid idea that should catch on once people see it, I really like the map feature!

Thanks for all your hard work! So excited to get this season rolling!

What is the easiest way to change information about a submitted tournament? I need to change the venue for my Legacy Ace Run (March 30th) from Lakewood Hills to Plymouth Creek. Also, it is being changed from 30 holes to 21, but two rounds.

Hey Scott!

Do you mean two rounds of 21 holes (42 total)?  If so, I made those edits on your behalf (and you should be set). 

Actually, what would probably be great is if I found 3-4 other volunteers to help me "police" the submissions for appropriateness and/or typos.  I think Mike Snelson (PDGA State Rep) should ABSOLUTELY be one of those "editors" if he is willing!  But a couple other trusted volunteers to keep an eye on those Google Docs (spreadsheets) which are modified every time someone adds an event via those forms would help me.

Is there any way to subscribe to the calender so I can view it on my calendar?

Hey Jeff!

I haven't come across a simple, pre-existing way of doing that automatically as of yet.  And from a bit of research, that intricate amount of coding is a step or two above my skill level.  But I'll keep looking for a way to do what you're asking...as other than automatically importing league information into the new master calendar (importing events with multiple, non-consecutive days is no small trick), that's about the only thing left for me to be completely satisfied with the end results.

Derek, I think I broke your calendar. Not really. But I put in the Cedar Creek Open, and writing the day as a range 07/27/2013-07/28/2013 seemed to cause trouble. It showed up on the map, but not on the date. Is it not possible to enter in a two day event? If it is, can you edit that for me? If not, can you just put it on the first date? Or duplicate the event and stick it on both days?

Hey Trevor!

Yeah, multiple-day events still are a bit tricky on the new calendar (which is why league info isn't in there yet).  So entering event dates, one day at a time, is the way around that at the moment.  I simply copied and pasted what you entered into a second line, then used 7/27/13 for one of the records, 7/28/13 for the other record.  Seems to be displaying just fine now.

If I can come up with a solution to the multi-day events, I'll let folks know!  For the time being though, entering each date separately is the way to go.

Thanks Derek!

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