Thank you to everyone who participated in the Minnesota Summer Tour and Minnesota Doubles Series this season.  Please review the final points update for the season.

Payouts and year end awards will be shipped out shortly.



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Also, why is there one tournament that scored people over 190 points, but no other tournament scores over 105 ish?

If its cedar creek and because of the # of people, then maybe there should be an adjustment to the points system. IF players miss this one tournament, then there is no way to be competative in the points race. Maybe it should be excluded from MST next year, or add Majestic & northstar so there are multiple chances to earn this level of points...

The tournament you are referencing Mike is Minnesota State Championships. That event, like the Doubles State Championship, is worth double points. That is why you may see some individuals with such high point totals for one event.

You are on our membership list and were taken into account when we did payouts. There were a couple people (you being one) that didn't make the last update. We will be pushing out another update of 2013 points because I know if it were me I wouldn't care if I cashed or not, I'd want to see where I finished.

The current way the statistics comittiee develops our point totals is quite ingenious (software not the calculation). But like anything new it's not without its issues. The board will be working with the statistics comittiee extensively this winter to work out any issues and develop a stronger platform for next season. We would like to provide the membership a consistent pattern of updates so we (as members) don't need to guess when the next update is coming.

Thanks for pointing this out Mike. We'll be sure to address it.

Awesome Carl, you hit it right on the head. After the entire season, it is really nice to see where I finished on the points race standings.

Thank you for the consideration of looking into the points calculations. I didnt know there were events that earned double points, but that makes since to me now.

Thanks for everything you and the MFA do.

So, when can I expect an update?

I agree with Mike; if you can't make those championships it makes it impossible to compete.  Not everyone can make every event so if someone can't make that one event they would have to beat everybody else by almost 100 points in all the other events to be able to have a chance at winning.  Just a thought since there are so many other incentives to make the championship that getting double points really isn't fair to those who couldn't make it when they competed for the entire rest of the season.

Or when MST events changed at the last minute to a different day and location... Some people dont have the flexability to do make the change like that and are already have time constraints. I understand that there were factors involved, but from the player perspective it was really fuc#ing frustrating!!! I got bumped from the top 10 becuase the events I planned months in advance to attend got switched.


I apologize in my delay getting back to you in a timely manner.  Between getting a new year underway the holidays have done a number on my schedule.  As I'm sure it has everyone else's.

We had addressed the MST and MDS additions that needed to be made and will be posted in the Winter Floater.  We are hoping to have this out tomorrow.

The reason for the doubling of MST and MDS points of these events is to make them a draw and an event that shouldn't be missed.  We may tool around with the idea of changing this in 2014 but no promises.  If we do change it back to standard points we may make it an member exclusive event.  Yes, meaning you'd have to be a current MFA member to play.

Chris, please read my letter from the President in the upcoming Floater.  I address this briefly.  No one on the board was happy about this.  I hope you have also approached Timmy Gill and told him how disappointed you were that you couldn't collect MST points at these events.  We are going to be putting in new standards this year to provide us ample (30 days or greater) notice to our members if an event has to change.  We hope this doesn't happen again.

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