MN State Championship 8/17 - 8/18 Albert Lea - B Tier

MN State Championship

Presented by
Chris Meyer
August 17th & 18th - B Tier / MST

Bancroft Bay, Albert Lea



3pm-6pm: Registration opens and check-in for doubles/flex-start @ Bancroft/Tall Grass



7am-9am: Registration

9:00am: Player’s Meeting @ Oak Island

9:30am: 1st round tee off (Pros- Bancroft, Ams- Oak Island)

1:45pm: Player’s Meeting @ Oak Island

2:00pm: 2nd round tee off (Pros- Oak Island, Ams- Bancroft)

Max 180 Players



There will be no practicing allowed on Oak Island while competitors are still on the course, Bancroft will be open for practice.

8:00am: Ams tee off @ Oak Island

11:30am or once last card is in: Pros tee off @ Oak Island

Final 9 will proceed within 15 mins after determining final 9 competitors.

Awards and Raffle to follow


If the amount of players doesnt reach over 90, both groups will be playing Oak Island @ 11:30am.


Open Men – $70

Open Women – $50

Open Masters – $60

Open Grandmasters – $50

Advanced Men – $60

Advanced Women – $40

Advanced Masters – $50

Intermediate – $50

Recreational – $30

Juniors – $30

If you would like to pre-register or have any questions please call or email.

Chris “Critter” Meyer


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will the reg list be posted on the PDGA site? two pools so there is a max of 180 players?
please put Chris Hall PDGA 41569 on the reg for Pro please!

Max 180 players

By the way, what you call "Bancroft" on this schedule is now called Tall Grass Disc Golf Course.

How are the courses looking? I rememeber the SMDGA was postponed due to extensive tree damages from some storms.

Oh, the courses are looking great. Let me rephrase that: The courses are looking great!!!!!

The city cleaned up the park quite a bit in May, but because it still needed some follow-up help, I pulled some strings to get the city to come out and do quite a bit of sprucing up. I walked with the parks superintendent to show the trouble spots, and they did the rest. The city also allowed us disc golfers to get some work done on the course as well, clearing some dead wood.

Also, the new signs came in for Oak Island. They are looking sweeeeet!

Not to mention 10,000 feet of OB rope...  :-)

WAIT WHAT?!?!?!??!?! OB x 10K Feet?!?!?! explain yourself.
...well then.
the web page appears to have issues.... maybe cause im in explorer.

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