Message from Timmy:

This just in, we got a call from the folks at Crown College and they have a
group in for a conference....and they now want to disc golf as part of their
activities. (not on the previous plan). Long story...

So the venue for the 31st State Championship will switch to Elm Creek Park in
Maple Grove.(like last year). Same format, 2 rounds of 18 holes. 9am tee time!
Please help spread the word. Everyone who has pre reged online will be emailed
or called directly to be informed of the change. We apologize for the
inconvenience. Thank you to Three Rivers for accomodating us.

Practice up tonight at Westside Wednesday at Elm Creek. 6pm Tee.


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This just in from Timmy,  the location for the State Champ is now at HSSA. Elm Creek  will not be the venue, it is now at HSSA!

2 rounds of 18, 9am tee time.

Airconditioning, food and Beer specials.

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