What's Up With This Tourney? I Just Tried To Sign Up For This Tourney Only To Find Out That The Grandmasters Division Is Completely Full With All Of 5 Players.  I've Been Playing In This Tourney For Like  30 Years! Now I Can't Get Into It Because There Are Only 5 Spots In This Division!!! This Never Happened When Timmy Gill Or Anyone Else For That Matter Ran This Event!!!  How Many Courses Are Being Used For This Event? There's No Info On Where It's Being Played. If It's Only On Two Courses(with a max of 90 players per 18 holes)There  Should only Be 180 Players  Allowed To Sign Up But There Appear To Be 189. Who Are These Extra 9  People And How  Do They Rate Getting In? If There Are Three Courses To Be Played There Should Be Room For A Minimum Of 216 People And  As Many As 270. I'm Wondering What's The Deal. Can Anybody Tell Me Why My And A Couple Other Divisions  Are Being Cheated Out Of Spots To Play?

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Porter, have you meet the dead horse yet?  this was discussed in depth on the Mothership. 


Here is the Majestic Home page - http://minnesotamajestic.org/Minnesota_Majestic/Home.html 


In a nut shell to your answer your question, It filled up...FAST!  Reg had been open for months and it filled up early.  there were no limits on any division when it opened, just a few place holders.  Times are changing, with technology the way it is today and the even better there will be tomorrow, you have to plan ahead.  Hop on the waiting list though in case something changes.


Times may be changing when it comes to how the MN Majestic is run but information about these changes should be known before these changes are implemented. I don't recall hearing that Master & Grandmaster Pros better register soon or their spots in Pool A may be transferred to the Advanced Master field.

I can understand why Mr. Porter would be upset over the matter. 

I do appreciate all the hard work that is required to run a big tournament like this.

Good luck to everyone.

Todd Erickson

MFA #1104

PDGA #25474

You've played it for 30 years?!?! whats your seceret?  this is the 25th Majestic, to which I believe has been held each year with no gaps, i may be wrong on that though. 


So if I am correct, how did you manage this impressive feat? You must have a time machine.  so there you go, go back in time reg early and tell the others they need to reg early too.  If you do rewrite history though, i ask you to tell the Majestic committee so they can add an extra course or two. 


Let the Paradoxic begin!

 WTF Is The Mothership? I Just Got An Email Address This Year. It May Be  A Long Time Before I Get A Computer Or A Cellphone. If You Read My  Earlier Comment Correctly I Said( Like) 30 Years. I Never Claimed To Have Played In Tournaments That Never Happened. I Just  Meant To Imbue My Comment With A Sense Longevity. Like, I've Played A Lot !! Of Them. But In The Past I've Always Been Able To Hand My Registration Money To Timmy Or Somebody Who Frequents Leagues Or Other Tourneys. I Almost Never See Gotta Go Guys Out Playing. This Is The First Tourney I Ever Tried To Register For Online. It Sucked As Fond Memory. I'm Just Saying.

Just Razzing you.  Mothership = MFAonline yahoo group.   Congrats on the email address!  helpfull advice, watch out for scammers, spammers, and wang enlargers.

Hello Chris,
Registration has been open since January 2012.  The event filled historically fast from what we are hearing.  Unfortunately, we were not privy to the fact Tim had in the past held spots for people.  The event is actually being held on the three courses as listed on the website at www.minnesotamajestic.org.  I see that you did sign up for the wait list and we will be reviewing how many more spots we can realistically and logistically fill next week.  It is vital that if you are looking at playing the MN Majestic in 2012, get on the waiting list and see if we can find you room based on the division requested.
A quick snapshot of 2011 to 2012 Pro Numbers
Open Pro   2011 = 48    Current Open Pro = 48
Pro Women 2011 = 4   Current Open Pro = 6 
Pro Master 2011 = 13   Current Open Pro = 12 
Pro GrandMaster 2011 = 10   Current Open Pro = 5
Pro Sr GrandMaster 2011 = 0   Current Open Pro = 1 (most likly playing Grandmaster)
2012 numbers are not yet final.
We are currently looking at packing the cards so it is very important to be on a waiting list so we can try to work in the players.
No waiting list, for sure not playing. Chris, I see that you are on a waiting list, we will be in contact soon!


As this is the first year we are organizing the event we are doing what we can to run it smartly and smoothly so that we may run an even bigger and better event next year.  Better to start small and be sucessful than large and unsuccessful.  We are working under the “under promise and over deliver” theory.  Even though we had requested the information, we were unable to receive historical information on the logistics/nuances that the event was run under in the past.  For a first attempt I think the committee has done a rather fine job considering we started from scratch. 2011 was the first year it was not a NT event and we will have a larger Pro feild in 2012 than in 2011.
We appreciate your input and passion for the Minnesota Majestic.
John Solberg
Minnesota Majestic TD

The Problem Seems To Be That Unless You Live Online  Or At Least Spend A Lot Of Time Online There Isn't A Good Way To Know What's Going On With Every Tourney. I Had No Idea That Almost A Month Before The Event. Registration Would Be Full. In Fact I Was Trying To Get Signed Up Earlier Than Usual. It Just Seems That If You're Not Online You're Out Of The Loop. I Don't Think I'm The Only Person Who Doesn't Own A Computer. But I Might Be Wrong. The Only Place I Have Access Is At Work. But My Job Has Nothing To Do With Being Online. So If I'm On The Computer I'm Not Working.There In Lies The Rub. Maybe I Check My Email Once A Week. I Realize That Putting Things Online Is A Good Way To Reach A Lot Of People. I'm Just Saying It Doesn't Reach Everybody. Maybe Someday It Will., But Not Yet.

Hey Chris!

I'm sorry for your negative experience related to Majestic registration.  I don't have any direct relationship to 2012 Majestic (other than being an MFA member, I suppose...and being available to help with whatever folks might want me/us to do related to the website).  But your comment about email and the web not reaching everybody is a comment that I feel is worth exploring further.

I guess as an all-volunteer organization (no paid staff) with limited operating funds, the web and email seems to BY FAR be the most cost-effective and time-efficient method for folks to conduct their business.  We'll never, ever reach everybody that way!  But even if we had $100,000 in the bank, and full-time (paid) media relations staff, a webmaster, et al, I'm not sure we could ever reach everybody anyway. 

The trick is how best to reach folks such as yourself.  How do we know you're out there?  How do we know how to reach you?  I suppose one thing would be if past TDs for Majestic would have supplied current TDs with attendee lists from the past ___ Majestic tournaments (maybe they already did?).  But how do we know people's mailing address hasn't changed?  Do we have time to call hundreds of people to see if they're planning to play in an upcoming tourney...when said tourney is going to have no trouble filling as it is?  Do we have the budget to print and mail promotional materials?

We don't want to exclude anyone!  The exact opposite is true!  I'm just wondering if you (or others) have good ideas for how to include people who are either difficult to track down, time-consuming to contact, or more expensive to contact.  With the understanding that funds are rather limited.

Thanks!  And sorry again about the experience you had.

Derek (Webmaster, and MFA Marketing and Communications Committee Chairperson)

House, this was just posted. Did you get in?
Hope everyone is ready for some fun at the 2012 Minnesota Majestic.
There are currently 12 Open Pro Players with player ratings 1000 or higher!
I wanted to let everyone know there are a few spots left to play the Majestic.
Here are the divisions available:
Pro Women - 4 spots
Pro Master - 2 Spots
Pro Grandmaster or Sr Grandmaster - 2 Spots
Advanced Master - 1 Spot
Waiting lists are available at gottagogottathrow.com
more information can be found at:
Have a Great Day Discing!
John Solberg
MN Majestic TD

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