Tenative agenda

Minnesota Frisbee Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Saturday, December 17th, 2011 at 12:00pm
Doolittles Woodfire Grill (550 Winnetka Ave N, Golden Valley, MN)

1. Call to order

2. Secretary Report (Chris)
-Dec 17th minutes approval

3. Treasury Report (Carl)
- Bank update

4. Membership Committee Report (Schramm)
-2012 membership mini updated (Ben P)

6. Bag Tag/Merchandise Committee Report (Chris)
-Disperse bag tags and merchandise to zone coordinators

9. Old business

- MADGC sponsorship
- Committee appointments
     Merchandise/Bag Tag
     Course Development

- Course Development Grant Discussion

10. New business

-North Star Throwdown sponsorship
- MST Event Update
- 2012 membership pack

11. Adjourn

Call in number: 605-475-4800 - 493608#

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The MFA BoD would also like to invite you to join in a round of disc golf prior to the meeting.

Location: Bassett Creek

Details: 10:00 am tee off on long #1.

Change of location: we are now meeting at:

Doolittles Woodfire Grill
550 Winnetka Ave N, Golden Valley, MN

So any deets on the meeting?  Who will sponsor it?  Where will it be? What's the format?


I think that sums up the problem. Why wait 'till christmas to write an article
for the floater and why pretend the creators of the Floater are some anonymous
group that may or may not be active. The Floater editor is same person as last
year and has been waiting for content...<crickets>...

I posted to ALL boards in November that content was needed since for the first
10 months of 2011 nothing was submitted. You should submit an article with
screen shots about why the ning MFA site is the way to go! I believe it is.


Derek submitted an article for the last Floater. He has done his part!
The MFA needs to take a hard look at the communication landscape of the disc
golf scene in Minnesota. In order to move forward we may have to lose a few
things of the past. We need to ask the question, Does the MFA need the Floater?
I think it does but it needs to focus on its audience. How many of you reading
this post read the most current issue of the Floater. It is mainly a print
document but most of us in the community find out what is going on by reading
online. Use the print document to introduce new players to the community. Have
it available for free at ALL disc golf retailers and have it included in any
mail order purchase being shipped to a Minnesota address or to zip codes in
neighboring states near active disc golf communities. (ie. Hudson & Superior,
WI; Fargo, ND).

The Floater should include:
Current Board Members.
Map of where to play.
Schedule of upcoming events for the year.
List of Items the MFA has supported and why membership helps the disc golf
Location (URL) of the official website and message board.

As for that last item it is time for the MFA to claim an official website that
will contain all official announcements for the club. I think this Yahoo group
has outlived its usefulness to a majority of disc golf players even though I am
posting this note here. It is still the place people go to to find out what is
really going on. It is time to regroup.

I think this board actually weakens the MFA. It does not carry any branding for
the club and does not benefit the club from the ads placed here. Read back
through the last few months and you will see that most of the posts are simply
pissing contests between new and old rivals and a place to bash the PDGA.

Its never easy to give up what feels comfortable. Old habits die hard, But can
we gain by taking a fresh new look.

-Richard Rasch
MFA Floater Editor

FYI, the December 3 and December 17 BoD minutes are now up, via the Board Meetings web page on this site: http://mnfrisbee.ning.com/page/board-meetings

Pertaining to the December 17th minutes, I would like to clarify the following.  In my original notification of nomination for the Minnesota Majestic Chairperson to Mike Snelson, I emailed the following.

On behalf of the MFA, I would like to accept your proposal for the Minnesota Majestic and also offer you the Committee Chair.  Will you please confirm acceptance as soon as possible?  

I look forward to working with you to 'relaunch' the Majestic under new leadership, and will ask for updates to the proposal for presentation at board meetings leading up to the Majestic."

At this time I was under the assumption that my choices were final for the committee chairs, but it was made aware to me that a bylaw required the chairs to be approved by the executive board.

The bylaw referred to:

SECTION 3. The heads of committees will be appointed by the President soon after installation. They must be approved by the elected board.

was attempting to do what I thought was best for the MFA, and did not intentionally misrepresent the MFA.  I am prepared to accept responsibility for all transgressions.

Jake Schramm
President, Minnesota Frisbee Association

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