I'm thinking about getting more involved in this this year. I just need a partner.... How does MDS work with points and all that jazz, and when do most of these events take place (10 am? etc.)  how do the divisions work too can you go back and forth between the 2 or what

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Good to hear Kris. MFA Statistics Chairperson Jake Schramm is going to be all over getting information out to our disc golf community about the Minnesota Summer Tour/Minnesota Doubles Series (MST/MDS) - rules, stats, etc.

I do know the stats work on an individual basis with the MDS. A person who plays 5 events with 5 different MDS partners still benefits from the same scoring system as a MDS team that plays together for 5 events.

BTW... Congrats for winning the 2009 MST in the Advanced division. What a close race that went down to the wire.

I would like to see more people taking on the role a MDS TD. The more events the better.

Just like the MST... we would avoid having more than one MDS on a given day.


My understanding is MDS points work exactly the same as MST points. 100+pts for the win, and a calculation based on field size for the rest. I believe points are awarded individually, so the winning pair may not be partners.
You can also find more MDS info under About->MN Doubles Series (MDS) on the top of the page. The event start time is all dependent on the TD, and I believe there is a Combined rating that sets cutoffs between Ams and Pros, but I'm not sure if or what it is.
So what about playing an event in am's and then playing an event as pro what happens there?

and by the way schramm you were not robbed i just finished a little stronger at the end of the year hahaha thanks for making it interesting though...
Consider it a "gift"!

Your points/scores count only toward the division you played in for that event. Play pro, aquire pro points, play Am aquire Am points. You can bounce back and forth as long as you meet the rated pair requirements.

I'll talk to Ben P about that tonight to see if he remembers anything from last year.

Kris Kapitan said:
So what about playing an event in am's and then playing an event as pro what happens there?

and by the way schramm you were not robbed i just finished a little stronger at the end of the year hahaha thanks for making it interesting though...
Cut-toff for Am is the combined rating must be under 1875, and you may not have one player over 975.

On a side note Brandon Day was interested in MDS, and doesn't have a partner either. Westside Connection.
So todd you say you need more TD's for these events, well ben and i are running a tourny in mankato and we were entertaining the idea of doing it... what would be some stuff that i would need to know about it. can we make our own guidelines, etc? and jake the day of our tourny is changing just to let you know...
Kapitan, what division will you be playing MDS?
Jake and I will have to work and draw up some guidelines for TDs of MST/MDS events.

1) You would make sure no other MDS event is running that day.
2) You need to sign a sanctioning agreement with the MFA. MFA Schedule Chairperson Mike Snelson is in charge of that aspect and would be able to get that to you.
3) We hope that the TD will have enough communication skills to promote the MDS event... several times in various places. Reminders are good.
4) We would like the TD to let competitors know that in order for their MDS points to count for year-end awards that they need to have a MFA membership on the day of the event. Year-end-awards payout in cash for both AMs and Pros!!!
5) We would like the MDS TD to take MFA memberships and see that MFA Membership Chairperson Char Majeski gets an e-mail of those memberships... and that MFA Treasurer Tom Hammes receives payment for them.
5) We request that the MDS TD send Jake the results within 5 days of the event so that Jake can update things.
6) I would prefer that Ams receive funny money versus cash at those MDS events.
7) The MFA will work to produce MST/MDS flyer that explains all the details of MST/MDS competition as well as the 2010 schedule. We hope to have this in a place where MST/MDS TDs can print them out.

That's all I can think of so far.

open and or am... dont know yet... probably do both. We could probably work something out kohut call me sometime (952)212-4644. I know that ben keist and i were planning on playing in some of them but i do not know about all of them.

Brian K. said:
Kapitan, what division will you be playing MDS?
I'm pleased to announce that Tom Marcus is the MFA Minnesota Doubles Series (MDS) Committee Chairperson and will be in charge of coordinating/monitoring MDS events in 2010.

That doesn't mean Tom will be the TD of all of them... but he will know who is... if he isn't. It's the MFA's goal to see more MDS TDs come on board so that we add to the list of Minnesota disc golfers who have TD experience.

Doubles events are a blast!!! The more MDS events we have in all parts of the state... the better... imo. Only one MDS event per day... though. Let Tom know if you're interested in running a MDS tournament and he'll let you know what it will take to do so.

Tom Marcus, MFA MDS Committee Chairperson

NOTE: It's important to make sure you are a MFA member on the day that you compete so that you're able to earn MDS points. The points will add up no matter how many doubles partners you have in a given year. Both Pro and Am competitors who place high enough in the various divisions WILL EARN CASH at the end-of-the-year awards ceremony held in the Fall of each year.

Todd Erickson
MFA President, http://MFAOnline.org
MFA #1104
612-789-4400 (home)
480-600-1414 (cell)

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