What Has Happened To The Master Calendar? This Is The Only Place I Find Out What's Up And Where Tourneys Are. I'm Not On Facebook So I Don't Go To The Facebook Page Or Any Other Page.Please. Whoever Updates Or Takes Care Of This. Update Or Take Care Of This!!!I'm Pretty Sure This Weekend Is Mider Cup Stuff. But What Else Is Coming Up?    Thanks In Advance To Whoever Can Fix This!!    House

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Yep I am with you Porter. I am not on FB either and attempt to stay update with this page or by talking to people at leagues. The calander is broken or something and it had been since early summer. plus no one posts anything so nothing much to come here for.

The video on the home page is over a year old now, and I know there has been some cool videos shot through out the summer at various events like the state championships when Critter got the nastiest birdie ever to finish on the combo hole17 to 18 basket (to those going to Mider this weekend, when you get to 17, look at where you are throwing for 18...it was stupid awesome).

Derek, this is no slight at you by any means and I truelly appreciate all the effort and time you and anyone else has spent building/maintianing this and various other sites.
There is a current known issue with the Master Calendar. Derek knows of the issue and is working on it. It may take a few weeks as he is on a several week sales trip and it's estimated to be a 4+ hour fix. Trying to find that time when you're on the road is alway tough. Please be patient.

As for the old video Chris. I'm so tired of looking at that thing I would like to replace it. Regretfully I haven't seen any videos to put up. If you know where the one from the State Champs is I'd like to put it up.

The new "master calendar" style is junk. They need to go back to the regular calendar that used to be on the home page where you can see the entire month at once and easily view the events for the entire month

Maybe People Can Just Post Their Upcoming Tourneys Here on This Board Until The Calendar Gets Fixed. This Site Is Where I Get Most of my Info Anyways. So If You Have A Tourney Coming Up This Weekend, Next Weekend, Or The Next And So On .Post It Here So We Know It's Happening And When And Where.   House

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