Hey Bryan. I Have Been Told That You Work On Cars. Well Mine Needs A New Or Rebuilt Engine. It's A 2000 Chevy Cavalier. Is This Something You Could Do Or Want To Do?And How Much (ballpark) Might It Cost? A Shop Wants To Charge Me 2500 To 3000 Bucks. I'd Rather See The Money Go To Someone I Know. Especially If Will Cost Me Less Than This.      House       My e-mail Is porterhouse3991@gmail.com   Thanks

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Porterhouse Again. If Anybody Reading This Knows Bryan's Phone No. Please Let Me Know. Or You Could Give Him Mine. It's 651-291-5316 . I'm Home Most Nights After 7:00. And You Can Call 'til Midnight. Thanks   House

Please Disregard. I Have Talked To Brian. Thanks

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