I went out with my wife and a friend yesterday to play Kaposia.  I knew it was now a pay-to-play course so I figured I'd at least give it a shot and see what improvements on the course had been made. I was totally suprised to find the same exact mess of a course there was last year. Hell, I would have been happy to at least see signs,,,,,any signs......but alas.. there are still the same overgrown fairways.... the insanely treacherous trail down into the valley....some dirt tee pads...no landscaping improvements at all....Now don't get me wrong I think Kaposia "could" be a fantastic course...but it needs alot of work....work that at the moment I do not see going into it. I feel that after paying 5 dollars per person....(keep in mind that Bryant Lake only charges 3 dollars per person and is a beautifully-maintained, well landscaped, and very well signed course...guys even go around with leaf blowers and keep the tees clear of dust).... I feel I paid 10 dollars to get the same reaming that last year I got for free.....I actually feel like I got ripped off.......What do you think???

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I guess it depends on how often you play the course, I think the season pass is only $30... didn't realize the daily pass was so expensive. Almost every tee pad is cement, but your right that the couple that were dirt pads are still dirt. I'm sure slowly there will be a few improvements to the course but again Bryant was nice before it went pay to play. I guess I won't go out of your way to play Kaposia now that it is pay to play. I'm kinda stuck because I live in Farmington so the only nice courses that don't take me an hour to get to are North Valley and Kaposia so I guess the yearly fee is worth it to me. But in my opinion Bryant Lake, Highland, Elm Creek is a much better deal -- damn those Westsiders.

Kaposia is still a fun course, with a great mix of holes and elevation changes but do not expect millions or thousands to go into the course any time soon. The Blue Ribbons and Bryants are the exception at this point not the rule with pay to play.
Hey Bob.

This comment isn't directed at you, so please do not take it that way!

I personally get really tired of others in the disc golf community and their sense of entitlement related to courses and their contributions to (or lack thereof) keeping them in tip-top playing condition. People expect free or on rare occasions cheap costs to play, yet a majority of disc golfers do little to nothing to maintain and improve said courses. Heck, with a lot of the younger crowd, I consider it a victory if they'll just not litter or kill a few young trees I've planted and make it worse while they play. :-(

I know people in MSP get sick of hearing it, but the ONLY reason a lot of us Outstaters have courses at all is because we are volunteering hundreds of hours per year to beat-back weeds, haul brush, plant trees, etc. If you don't like Kaposia, you can just drive a few miles down the road and play another course. If I don't like Springfield DGC, I've got a 30-minute drive (one way) to play all but one other course in my area...and that one other course is overgrown (more than the county parks staff can manage after all their budget cuts) and is only open from April-September.

I proposed an "Adopt-a-Course" idea (like Adopt-a-Highway) a few years back...but rather than propose the idea and then watch other people do all the work, I've tried to lead by example. I adopted Springfield and treat it like my third child. I also try to help when asked at other courses...though my only reward for doing it (most of the time) is to have a few locals grumble "stay out of our f###ing way" (even after being asked/invited to offer ideas and suggestions).

All that said, I just selfishly wish there was more "walk" in a lot of disc golfers' "talk." Not happy with the conditions out at Kaposia? Get to know the local parks staff, arrange clean-up days, organize a work day or two each year to make a safer path into the valley, pour a concrete tee or two, etc. People's time would go a LOT farther than that $5 per-person, per-round ever could. Folks obviously just can't go "renegade" and do whatever they want without people's permission! However, make Kaposia 6-8 people's "Adopt-a-Course" as the volunteer support to that city/county parks staff, and watch that positive changes almost necessarily result.
It takes money to make significant changes and it takes time to earn enough money to do that. Be patient, it hasn't been pay to play for very long.

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