Hey BOD,

How did the first meeting go? I know we have a lot of new blood and ideas on
the board. I'm hoping the enthusiasm will carry on all year long because we
need to start getting the Mighty MFA back to good standing with its members at
large. So please, any BOD members feel free to respond about your first meeting
together! Thanks for all your continued hard work at improving disc sports in
Minnesota. It can be a thankless job, so THANK YOU. . .

Former East Zone Coordinator

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A few highlights from the meeting:
-good attendance, I think people are interested to see where the Majestic
goes, as well as MDS
-moving away from membership cards to membership minis
-possibility of using membership mini for a 5% discount at local vendors;
GGGT and Fairway already in
-a few changes to mider cup rules about player eligibility
-MN Majestic proposals due by Dec. 14th noon committee chair will be
announced at Dec. 17th meeting. Noon at GGGT.
-MDS proposals from Tom Marcus and GGGT. Committee chair to be announced
at Dec. 17th meeting.
-MST tour reduced to 16 events (4 per zone) in an effort to make tour
events bigger and set apart from other events in our saturated schedule.
-A proposal from Coach Dave for promotion of events in 2012. Looks to me
like it would fall under marketing/communications committee.

MFA 1588

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