Well The Ole Dodge Shadow Has Seen Better Days. Looks Like It's On It'S Last Legs Or Should I Say  Leg. So What Can Y'all Do To Help Out Porterhouse. It's Simple. Just Let Me Know If Any Of You Have A Reliable (but cheap) Vehicle You Were Looking To Trade In For Credit On A New Car Or Sell. I'm Hoping To Spend Less Than $1000.  But For The Right Car That Could Change. So Please E-mail Me ASAP @ porterhouse3991@gmail.com. I Got To Work This Morning But There's Nothing That Says It'll Get Me Home Tonight Or Back Tomorrow. I'll Hang In There As Long As I Can.  But It's Got 259,000 Miles On It. Hope Someone Out There Has A Deal For Me. Thanks For Any Help. House

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If I could help you out, Chris, I certainly would!  Especially after you did me a solid by hooking me up on all that glass last week (thanks again).  But all I've got is a 1998 Corolla that is my main (only) ride most of the time.  That, and it's pushing about 208,000 miles too.  I'm trying to see if I can get 300,000 out of it before I need to replace it.  But if things change or I hear of anyone who might have what you're looking for, I'll definitely let you know.

Porter - I have a 98 Sierra extended cab. 249k all farm miles. New power steering hoses and good tires. Needs a new blower motor for the heat but the 4x4 works like a charm! The truck is in pretty great shape. I could get rid of it for $1500.. I was planning on selling it for $2000 this summer but I would do $1500 to help you out.


Thanks For The Leads.I Found A Car. You'll Be Seeing Me Around In it, Don't Be Shocked But It's Not Red.  Thanks Again.  House

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