We're starting a meet up group to be hosted every Monday at 6 PM on an Eastside course.  Good way to meet new players, play for tags, or wager a little cash.  Check out this forum each week for the next location. 

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9/2. Kaposia.
do you mean 8/2?

Kyle Hemminger said:
do you mean 8/2?
Monday, the 9th of August, we'll be meeting at Oakwood at 6 pm. See you there.
6 pm today at the Valley.
28 people attended this week; real good showing!
6 pm sharp at the CP Adams next Monday.
6 PM tonight at CP Adams
Solid turnout of 19 at CP tonight. We had random doubles, a skins match, and scouted the east side juniors. Next week, Kaposia's Sundog 18, starting AT 6.
Kaposia tonight at 6.

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