I'm not sure who to contact to put a league on the website but there is a new league started in my hometown in Crosby-Ironton(North Zone) on Wednesday night at 6pm.


It is at a 9 hole park that is listed as Ironton park but recently changed to Morningside park. The league is 3 dollars for all divisions with ace pool included. Could you put this on the website under leagues as Crosby-Ironton disc golf League? Thanks

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To add events to the calendar, submit the information via google forms at the bottom of any of the event calendars.
perfect, thanks!

Should be in the calendar now, Jeremiah!  Though your league ending date said "09/2011" ....so I didn't know if the league ends on August 31 (that's what I guessed), or if the league extends through September.  Might need to clarify that one.  Thanks!  - Derek

Thanks Derek, I wrote Aug but I'm not sure when it will actually end, my friend is running it so I'll let you know, thanks!

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