In case anyone is wondering why they haven't seen me at a sanctioned tournament and/or an MST/MDS in a few years:

After 3-4 years of severe floods, our community decided to finally come out swinging.  Cleaning up decades worth of death, disease, and debris along our Cottonwood River...while giving me its blessing to completely re-design and expand our disc golf course from 14 to 18 holes.  We still have literally months of work ahead of us before we'll open the new design!  However, I am just about bursting at the seams with excitement over how good this course will be to play.

I've played probably 40+ courses here in the South/SW part of the State, and I haven't seen anything close to what we'll have when we're done.  11 of 18 holes immediately adjacent to water.  Southern Minnesota's only "peninsula" tee...built out into Salonek's Pond with a ~210 foot throw over open water in order to reach shore.  Hyzers, anhyzers, and tunnels/alleys galore!  Think Cedar Creek East and Maiden Shade, only with (much) more water.  Or Cedar Creek West/Adrian, only with one HECK of a lot more trees (and again, water).

I had Steve West and his son down to walk the land with me and offer ideas and suggestions.  And if any of the rest of you wanted to come down and walk the land with me to offer your thoughts and ideas, I would love to have you as well.  Get as many good ideas and suggestions as we can BEFORE the concrete is poured.

About the only negative once we open the new design (~September 1?) will be natural tees vs. concrete.  I secured a grant for the new baskets and entirely new signage (for the course's 34-35 tees).  But the money wasn't there for concrete tee pads yet.  I'll be asking for more money to hopefully take care of that in the next year or two.

In the interim, I've asked Trevor (Boehne) to consider running a C-tier on the course this coming Fall.  Sounds like we're going to try!  But of course, I've got to "deliver the goods" and get this course from dream to reality first.  :-)  As of this Thursday, three of the eight new wooded holes on the course will be cleared.  With us on-target to be finished with everything around August 15, if all goes well.

Just wanted to this course has become my "fifth child" (two kids, another who died in the womb, and my business).  Pouring everything I physically and mentally have into seeing that our community has one of the very-best places in the Southwest to play.  I sure hope we'll get a chance to show it off to several of you this coming Fall!  I know I haven't always reciprocated (playing many tourneys up in MSP).  But if you look at a lot of the pictures on that site, you'll see why.  I've been busy.  Either that, or all that work on the course has caused a knee injury and an abdominal surgery!  But I'm going to see it through to the end...because this course is going to be special.  My "gift" to our community and to the sport which I love so much.

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Sweet! Can't wait to play it. Maybe Alec and I will try to make it to the C-tier.

Keep up the good work! 

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