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2 fantastic events. Tons of prizes, custom stamp disc with registration for both events. Its $15 for the Mustache Aviator and that covers the greens fees at BRP as well, plus the disc and prizes for best Mustache and CTPS. Spring Open is $20 for Recreation and women $25 for Intermediate $30 for Advanced $40 for Open For more info: Allen Bye 612-703-6510
Hell Yeah gonna be a blast AGAIN, see you out there!
Don't forget, this weekend is the Spring Open! Hope to see as you all there.

I assume its to late, but worth a shot anyways...Yous fellas should try and see if you cant get some sunglass sponsers for the Mustache Aviator event, if not this year for next.  Thinking RayBan might hook up a pair or two.  either that or even the little kiosks (Shady wear or whatever there called) that you see at the malls that are like 2 for $20 ( they are super cheap and might be willing to give a pair or twelve).

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