During this exciting Majestic week Dg Nuts will be hosting a Fantasy
Disc Golf competition.  Please follow the link below and then message me
your competitors.  The winner will get a disc and the runner up will
get a shirt.  The object is to get the players who win the most cash. 
Your line up must be as listed:

"A" Pro (100% of players winnings)
"B" Pro (80% of players winnings)
"C" Pro (60% of players winnings)
Under 1000 rated pro
Master Pro
Woman Pro
Advanced (only for tie-breakers)

Pick your 7 players from the registered list.
http://www.pdga.com/tournament-results?TournID=9647 - pro
http://www.pdga.com/tournament-results?TournID=10541 - am

If you can't message me, please send to drummyguy@hotmail.com.  Must receive before midnight on Thursday.  Though the prizes are much, they're free.  I suggest side action amongst your friends as well.  I'll post the entries on Friday if I make it home sober enough from BRP.

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