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There was an interesting article about cone basket courses in the latest magazine sent to PDGA members. while it mentioned several courses that still have these baskets it did not give a list. I thought it would a good idea to list them in the next Floater since some are in 'our backyard' but I only know of Moir and Hansen.

Anyone have any info on which ones exist and should we list them? (I don't want to make a lazy souvenir hunters job any easier.)

I would, however, like to highlight some of the heritage of our sport in the Twin Cities. I have lived here for less than 5 years so I am pleading ignorance of this topic.




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It's not really local, but I believe the course @ Crow Wing Campground just south of Brainerd has Cone Holes as well. I haven't played there, but I saw some baskets on our way by there, this summer.

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