Call for Volunteers to Serve as 2012-2013 MFA Board Members

Just curious for those of you here who are MFA members: are any of you interested in (or considering) serving as a MFA Board Member in 2012-13, or do any of you have any bylaw amendments you would like to propose? MFA bylaws can be found here:

The MFA Elections Committee is just starting the process of figuring out who will be running for each of the positions this Fall (Prez, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, N/S/E/W Zone Coordinators)...and if anyone here is interested, let me, Ted or Chris know (Derek Tonn -, Ted Haaf -, Chris Dorman -


Or better yet, talk to me in-person on Saturday, October 20 when you drive 2+ hours SW (of MSP) to play in Trevor Boehne's C-Tier that will be played in our newly expanded and re-designed 18-hole course in Springfield!  :-)

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