The Mulligan Stew on March 16th at Blue Ribbon Pines is also the location of our Spring full membership meeting.  At this meeting you, as an current/active member, will have the opportunity to vote on these proposed bylaw changes.  

A majority of the changes are to improve the flow of the document as well as remove any previous contradictions that the bylaws held.  There are a great number of changes being proposed to the election process as well as who may hold positions on the board to protect the club from what could be considered a "hostile" takeover.  Please review all of the changes.

Attached are two documents.  The first "MFA Bylaw Revision_Edits Shown" is available so that you may see what changes that were made to the current bylaws and the changes we are proposing.  The second document, "MFA Bylaw Revision_Accepted Changes" shows what the bylaws would look like if all of the changes were accepted and is the document we will be voting on at our membership meeting.

Members will have an opportunity to vote on these changes at the Mulligan Stew Spring Meeting or via an online ballot if you are a current member and provided you current email address when becoming or renewing your membership in 2014.

If you have any questions please let us know and we'll do our best to answer them.

MFA Bylaw Revision_Edits Shown

MFA Bylaw Revision_Accepted Changes

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The Edits Shown doesn't tell what we currently have, only what we're going to, and where those changes are. To gain better insight one needs to toggle back and forth from the current bylaws, listed under the "About" tab above...

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