Border Bash IA -vs- MN $500 added to AM prize vouchers!

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To the Pro field - Sorry

Our main sponser pulled out and I will not be able to add addidtional cash to the pro purse this year.  I am already working on it for next year, and hopt to have a respectable amount to add to the pro side.


The good news I am able to take better care of the AM this year with an additional $500 added to the prize vouchers which should make your AM payoutouts look HUGE.


Everyone Pro & AM will also get a Border Bash T-shirt


Hope to see everyone in Tree Town August 27, 2011.... come on down and play some Iowans as this tourney is also the #8 stop on the IOWA TOUR !


Every AM & Pro will get a T-shirt.... here is the back:


Starting work on the pole 1 peninsula project tomorrow moving dirt. Hope to have the retaining wall done and river rock in by Friday.  With this pole finsihed it will go from an easy birdie to something to think about.  I think we will still some some birdies, but we also will now see some layup 3's as well as some circle 4's.

Going back to work on pole 1 today .... Friday only 107 of the 680 block got set.  Once the first level is set the next two or three rows will go up in a hurry.  River Rock will be in early next week and buy Border Bash everything will be done except getting the grass and a few trees planted.


Hope everyone comes out and enjoys our new pole 1 ( it should be more fun ).  The landing zone is approx 70' diameter with the basket in the middle. 

Blue Tee is 340'

White Tee is 250'

Red Tee is 160'

Photo as of tonight:

Thanks everyone who came .... the results are up on the PDGA site.  We are all even Iowa won in a blow this year after losing by a sinlge point last year.

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