Last Sunday of every month

May 29

June 26

July 31

Aug. 28


Finals - Oct 30


sign in 8-9 am 9:30 start


1 round of 18 holes a different 18 will be played each event. Finals will be 27 holes

open - 24$

Advanced - 20$

Intermediate - 17$

WOMAN'S AND MASTERS Divisions available


random draw dubs 1hr after each round 5$ per head


info and registration call chad 651 280 5891


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This sounds like fun, do you need to qualify to make finals? 100% payouts? added cash!?!
you do not need to qualify to play the finals but you wont have a shot at the cash that carries over to the finals from the other events..ams will get paid out thru brp proshop.. open is cash pay outs...we are also werking on a few other sponsors for the series

Do you need to be present every week, or do you take the top 4 scores or something? More details on the format of scoring would be helpful Joey. Thanks.


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