Big Money Skins – One Round Qualifier


Saturday, April 13th

Lakewood Hills Disc Golf Course

Registration: 8:00-8:45am

Tee time: 9:00am

One Division - $20 entry fee


All participants will play one round, with the top four scores qualifying to play a nine-hole skins match. The skins match will be funded using ALL entry fees paid in, with each hole of the skins match will worth 1/9 of the prize pool.


If you are at all struggling to wrap your head around this, let me give you an example. If 45 people come to the event, each paying $20, then the prize pool would be $900. That would make each hole of the skins match worth $100. In the event that one player wins all nine skins that would be a $900 pay day for a $20 entry fee. That would beat all but the top three events in the state! And with only 45 players! One player winning all nine is unlikely, but even when divided up as evenly as possible, three players would win $200 and one would win $300. That’s FOUR players winning MORE than most typical C-tier events. And again, that’s with only half the field. If 90 people show up, each skin would be worth $200. Wow!



-Ties for the top four will be broken with a sudden death playoff starting on hole 1.

-If there are skins pushing at the end of the nine holes, the lowest nine hole score will take them. If that does not break the tie, it will go to the lowest first round score. If that does not break the tie, the tied players will play a sudden death playoff starting on hole 1.

-Top four players will decide if they want a quick break before the skins match, or if they would like to go right away.


Why am I hosting this event?

-I think it will be fun… something new on the competitive disc golf scene!

-Lower than normal entry fees, while creating a MUCH higher than normal prize potential. Typical tournament structures divide players into a few divisions, and payout 40-50% of players in each division. Although I am a strong supporter of these events, this structure DOES limit the potential for large payouts (unless entry fees rise or tournament directors are able to secure huge sponsors).

-Playing one round (followed by a final nine) will be much quicker than your typical tournament. No long lunch break. No waits for awards/payouts at the end. Time to get on with your day.

-Very few tournaments offer players the potential to watch a final nine.

-Skins are exciting! Every shot will have the potential for big money. And even if a skin is decided early, every shot still matters because the low nine-hole score holds the tie-break for skins that push to the end.

-Although only four people will have the potential to make money, I think that MANY players in the area have the potential to earn their way into the final nine after just one round. Think about how many times we’ve seen “sandbaggers” from Advanced or even Intermediate that would have made the top four in Open. And that’s after two rounds! Many of these players probably believe that they have the skills, but maybe not the consistency to hang with the Pros for two (or three or four) rounds in a big tournament. With just one round, it could be ANYONE in the top four.

-Gives AM players the opportunity to play with Pro players and win money without taking away AM status in PDGA. I think the high stakes of only the top four making the cut is great for pushing these players to the next competitive level.

-Again, I think it will be fun!!!

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