Welcome everyone to the second annual CASH OPEN EVENT! This year we are taking a trip south from Becker to Baylor Park and Crown College. Once again we will be offering all cash payouts in every division. There will be 2 rounds of 18. One round at Baylor Park and one round at Crown College. This is an MST event for the West Zone. MDS will play the same courses the next day on the 22nd

Lunch will be provided at no cost!
In addition to playing two courses, we will be hosting a brewer’s competition. Local home brewers will be sharing their creations after the tournament at Baylor Park. This will be NO COST TO THE PLAYERS. So, please come and enjoy some free home brews and support your peers in doing what they love. (If you brew and would like to be involved in the festivities, please contact Jake Brown ASAP)

Brewers Fest Competitors:
Thomas Schufman
Brandon Day
Aaron Herman
Chris Dorman
Merrick Savage
Jake Schramm
Lenny Passfaro
Jason Stromberg
Aric Blodget
Chris Hannan
Nick Hed
Yes, I said CAMPING! There will be camping at Baylor Park on Friday and Saturday night,for $2 a person! Space may be limited and spots will be reserved for pre-registered players first. Camp, DG,  Party, Camp,  MDS.... sounds about right!
INT: $30
ADV: $50
OPEN: $70
Other divisions will be added as needed. Must have 4 players to create a division: Adv Master, Open Women, Rec, ect... If you are interested in adding a division please contact either Jake or Alan
Minnesota Frisbee Association
Long Tee Parked
Gotta Go Gotta Throw
MyThrow Disc Golf Media
Ty Dyed Discs
Hansen Livestock
Thomas Schufman Homebrews
Liquor Barrell
Big Ten Sports Bar
Vine Park
Contact Information:
Jake Brown - TD 612-432-9742 sentrysm@gmail.com
Alan Hansen Begg - TD 612-207-0119 ajbegg@yahoo.com
Brandon Day - West Zone Coordinator 612-834-0524 brandon@tinderboxmusic.com

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so...11 home brews at 2 cases a piece, brings us to over 500 (give or take a dozen or so) bottles.  sounds like camping should be required, things might get more sloppy than they do for the Chilly Warmer. 


I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

It's pretty much 5 gal a piece... so 55 gallons.... Camping should be required haha

Can you post info about Friday's random dubz at Baylor?  I'd like to go, but hoping we can get a good crowd too! 

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