Baringer, Weiss, Chalas, Peake, Kersten - New Mailing Addresses Needed

The 2012 Membership materials for the following individuals were returned due to out of date mailing addresses and no forwarding address provided:


Jade Baringer

Chad Baringer

Mark Weiss

Jim Chalas

Seth Peake

Alec Kersten


Can you please send me your new addresses?  I will resend your membership packages.


If you know one of these guys, but don't think they're on this board, please pass it along, OK? 




Chris Bratsch

2012 MFA Secretary

MFA #1603

PDGA #29573

See you all at the Majestic!

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I still haven't received my membership package - were they sent recently?

I notice I've been assigned a number - MFA #1918 - so, my application got processed.


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