What rules or changes should we see from the bag tag challenge.  Any and all insight is appreciated.  

Jordan Sorenson

MFA President 2013


The Minnesota Frisbee Association Bag Tag Challenge Rules

1. Always conduct yourself within the spirit of disc golf and friendly competition. Have fun or go somewhere else!

2. Any higher Bag Tag number may challenge any lower Bag Tag number. If the challenger wins the round, the tags are exchanged. Challenges must occur before the first throw of a round. Challenges are on a round-by-round basis; i.e. challenges are for one round each in a multiple round event. Group challenges are allowed but must be accepted by all players affected. Singles play only. Friendly wagering is encouraged.

3. When you play any League, Tournament, and Recreational round you automatically have a group challenge going with all Bag Tag holders on your card.

4. All challenges on your card take precedence over any challenge from another card. For example; if you have a challenge going with a person who is on another card and you also have an individual or group challenge going on your card, you have to settle with your card first and then you can settle any other challenge you may have. Cross challenges cannot be refused. But are limited to no more than two cross challenges at one time.

5. You may, but do not have to accept a challenge from a player that you have just beaten until either player has completed another challenge or one week has passed, whichever comes first.

6. When a challenge via telephone or e-mail has been accepted, neither player can participate in another challenge until the first has taken place. The player receiving the challenge can choose the course to be played. If the challenger cannot agree to reasonable times and dates given for the match, the challenge is void and both players may look for new challenges. Only at the agreement of the player receiving a challenge may a challenger withdraw their challenge before a match starts.

7. You must display your Bag Tag where others can easily see it. Concealing your Bag Tag is not allowed. You must carry your Bag Tag in the presence of other Bag Tag holders. Don’t leave it at home! If you lose your Bag Tag you must report it. You may then buy the next lowest number available to continue participating in the Bag Tag year.

8. Any Bag Tag competitor that is found to be purposefully withholding a lower number will be asked to turn in their bag tag and will be suspended until further notice. For example, the individual has Excuses week after week "I forgot it at home" etc.

9. The MFA will be awarding the top bag tag holders in their respective division. You do not have to be a Minnesota Frisbee Association member to purchase a Bag Tag, but to be eligible for year-end prizes you must be a member and present at the annual MFA Fall Full Membership meeting. For example; if you started your season in the Advanced division and finished in the OPEN division that is the division your tag holds its value. You will have had to play at least 5 league events, or 3 PDGA events in that division. If you are moving to the open division that player must accept cash to constitute a division move.

10. Challenges must be accepted and players must be on their honor for the series to work for everyone. 

11. All rules subject to change.

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#3 seems tough to enforce unless it is something that at least one person mentions before the start of said rounds.  Not for the players who "get it" and who have done it before...but for the newbies to the tag scene.  Some guys (outstate, in my experience) will buy a tag to support the MFA as almost charity or a fundraiser, rather than worry about driving up to MSP to track down the player with #1.  :)  They might not always realize that a "group challenge" applies...or even always check that others in their group have a tag.  It's a great rule!  Just a little hard to enforce, IMHO.

#6. Challenges by phone or email?  I suppose that's always possible (though I've never done a challenge that wasn't done in-person, on the spot).  But again, how is it enforced?  Say I have the #1 tag, and "Jordan S." sends me an email to challenge me for tags.  What if Jordan S. challenges me to a round at 8am at Blue Ribbon Pines?  Do I gotta accept it...driving the 3.5 hours to BRP to play?  Or what if "Jordan S." emails me, and I claim to have never received the challenge?  "Oops, must have wound up in my spam folder...sorry man!"  :)  Ridiculous examples, but again, how exactly can it be a rule if it cannot effectively be enforced?

Nothing I would necessarily change!  Just a couple things that seem to have a TON of "gray area" related to enforcement...that folks might want to talk about shoring up.  My $0.02.

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