The Minneapolis Open will no longer be an MST as the tournament director has not meet the requirements the MFA has set for MST's in 2013.  Due to this the Mankato Disc Golf Benefit this Saturday will be replacing it on the schedule.  Due to the change in location this event will count for either a south or west zone event.  The zone chosen will be based on what will be the greater benefit for your year end standings as a member.

We (the MFA Board) apologize for this last minute change and did everything possible to keep a change from happening.  Regardless we are happy to team up with the Mankato Disc Golf Benefit and the work they are doing to aid in course development for the Mankato area as well as raise funds for the MVH Memorial Tournament.  Here are the details for the event:

PDGA B-tier in Mankato, MN on October 19, 2013


We are at $1000 added cash so pre-reg will be opening on 8/19/13

9/23/13 - We are 3 weeks from the tournament with $1500 raised now, so $1000 to the added cash and $500 towards the new course proposal.

10/12/13- Here is what's scheduled for the Mankato Disc Golf Benefit. Spectators are welcome to come to the courses and watch some of the best disc golfers in the world. We have over $1200 added cash for the tournament, and $600 raised towards our new course proposal.

Clinics will be Thursday October 17 at 4:30 PM at Land of Memories Disc Golf Course, with Matt Orum, Gregg Barsby and Raymond Oberley Jr. The cost will be $10 for players over 16 and free for those under. All proceeds will be going to a Minnesota Disc Golfer who was tragically hit by a car and is currently battling to survive.

Friday October 18, doubles will be at Minneopa Golf Club, where we will be playing on the championship temporary course that they were so kind to let us use their property for. Doubles will be from 2-5, bring your own partner. There will be professional and amateur divisions. 

Saturday October 19, tournament registration will be from 6 AM to 8 AM, players meeting will be at 8:30 and the first round will start at Land of Memories Park at 9 AM. Once the first round is over there will be a 1 hour lunch, there will be a menu available to have sandwiches delivered, or you can go out and find another local eatery, there are many less than 5 minutes from the course. Second Round will be Starting approximately 1-1:30 PM at Minneopa Golf Club across the highway from Land of Memories and to the south a mile. Maps will be available. Awards ceremony site is TBD, but we are hoping to have a players party at a local establishiment so food and beverages will be available. We will have the scores and awards ready within 1 hour after tournament close, so if you have to go we will get you out ASAP. If you can stay, there will be a lot to do in Mankato this weekend. including the Mankato Marathon.

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WTFFFFFFFFF?!?!?! what requirements werent met? How is this event not an MST considering the MFA was founded on the site where the event is taking place? People make plans way in advance and there needs be an actual disclosed reason for a change of the kind. I am sure that i am not the only one who is upset with the change. not only is it a change of location but its change of dates inside of a week.

It is not PDGA sanctioned. There were other events this year that desperately wanted to be apart of the MST tour but due to it being unsactioned did not make the tour. Trust us. This was not an easy decision.
since when is a requirement for a MST event having to also be a PDGA event? This is counter productive in terms of benifits for the players, that is a lot fo fees that get taken out per player with paying 2 seperate orginazations.

So, reading between the lines Bloomington Open will be changed at the last minute then too?

I've been assured it won't be due to a third party stating they will sanction the event.  If it fails to be sanctioned, then yes, we will have to find a replacement for this event too.  I would send you to the meeting minutes where this was discussed and decided earlier in the year (may have even been late 2012) but those didn't become standard again until after I took over and we were aided by Chris Dorman.

The MFA supports what the PDGA is doing.  We show our support by making the PDGA sanctioning a requirement.  It also makes it easier for us to track attendance, payouts and MST fees (for accounting purposes) of MST events to see if we will continue to have a tournament apart of the tour in the following year or not. 

Can you atleast provide what and when the likely change of MST will be in the event it will be changed?  With out the master calander going, and there is nothing currently on the PDGA site it would be helpful to have at least an idea.



If I had  forewarning I would have provided it.  We were kept believing this would be sanctioned until Wednesday night of this week.  It is due to this that there will be additional changes made for next year requiring sanctioning by a certain date or the MST will be pulled.  I'll be pushing for 30 days but it will be up to the board.  

As for the Bloomington Open I will be informing them it needs to be taken care of at least one week in advance.  So we can provide at least a little heads up if things go south (again).  Because what just took place is infuriating and ridiculous. My words, not that of the board.

so here we on 10/29/13... Bloomington open does not appear to be sanctioned. there are no other events listed as PDGA for the reminder of the 2013 season on the PDGA site. Will Bloomington Open have the MST status pulled as well? what will replace it if it is? Bloomington Open is still MST?
No. It will not be. The MFA will hold an event this Sunday to take its place. More details to come (hopefully tonight). I will start a new conversation to alert members tonight.

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