We'd like to congratulate Collin Hager & Nick Archbold on winning the bid to manage the 2014 Minnesota Doubles Series. Their bid will allow amateur players to use their winnings at five different vendors. Airborn, Disc Life, Fairway Flyerz, Gotta Go Gotta Throw and the MFA. These vendors have also agreed to boost all amateur payouts by 20%!

We would also like to thank Pat & Brandon as well as Tom Marcus for their proposals.

In the past the MFA used a simple up or down vote for all proposals. We've now instituted a scoring system that we will continue to use the rest of the year. We believe this provides every proposal a stronger review than a simple yay or nay. Please feel free to review all of the proposals and this new scoring system at the link below.

We look forward to the 2014 MDS season and should have a full schedule in the coming weeks.


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