As of now we are accepting nominations for the 2014 MFA Executive Board.  The positions include:





Zone Coordinator (N/S/E/W)

Please feel free to nominate yourself or others (via this message board) you believe would be fitting for a chair position listed above.  If you nominate another individual they will need to accept the nomination to be placed on the ballot.  Please review the requirements of the positions under the MFA Bylaws.

The nominations will be reviewed and processed by the election committee.  Ballots for voting will be available at the Fall Membership Meeting (11/16) as well electronically via email to current MFA members.  Electronic ballots will be sent out a couple weeks prior to the MFA Fall Meeting.

If you have any questions please feel free to let me know.  Thanks and let the nominations begin!

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Craig Reseland - South Zone Coordinator

Tommy Locke - West Zone Coordinator

Brian Kohout- West Zone Coordinator.


Brian Gustafson - South Zone Coordinator

Carl Peach - President

Chris Dorman - Secretary

Chris "Critter" Meyer - VP

I accept the nomination for President.

Scott Ryther - East Zone Coordinator

Carl Peach for President! Scott Ryther east side coordinator

Brian Gustafson-south zone coordinator.


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