54 total individuals participated in our 2012-2013 election of Executive Officers and Zone Coordinators for the 2012-2013 MFA Board of Directors.  Approximately 30 votes being cast via online/absentee ballot, with the remaining votes being cast in-person at the Fall Full Membership meeting.


Jordan Sorenson was elected President, and Chris "Critter" Meyer was elected Vice-President, while incumbents Chris Bratsch (Secretary) and Carl Peach (Treasurer) were elected to the second terms.  New Zone Coordinators for 2012-2013 are Scott Ryther (East), Brian Kohout (West), Mike Henry (North) and Brian Gustafson (South).


For detailed results on the voting tallies for each position, you may download a one-page .pdf of all the official results.

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thanks Derek, Ted, and Chris for running the 2013 MFA elections. looks like a strong board going into the 2013 season. I would also like to thank all of the 2012 members, board members, committee chairman, tournament directors, and various volunteers for all their efforts this past year. it takes a ton of work to maintain the club. but none of us would do it if we didn't loved disc sports! here is to a great 2013!

benp 2012 MFA president

Congratulations on our new Minnesota Frisbee Association board of directors.

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