I am ready for winter to be over!!!!!!!! And the 2011 North Iowa Tour to get started!!!!!!!!!

Last year was a huge success! We had 29 N.I.T. Members! (4 women) We averaged about 35 players at each Tournament! We have high expections for this year's Tour! We have gone out and gotten more Sponsors this year so we could offer more for the players!!! More Sponsors, more benefits, plus all of the exposure we got last year, this year is definately going to be bigger and better than last year! I hope you all can find a way to be a part of this great Tour!

There is one big change from last year to this year!
All of the Tournaments will be FLIGHTED this year!!!!!!!
Instead of having Divisions for people to sign up to play in.
Men and Women will be seperate of course.
The Men will be Flighted into 3 Flights - Open, Advanced, & Intermediate.
The Women will just be in 1 Flight this year, we will increase each year as we need to with more women participating.

N.I.T. Memberships:
$20 for Men
$15 for Women
*One-Time payment, does not include Tournament Entry Fees.
*You can sign up at any of the Tournaments during Registration.

N.I.T. Membership Package:
Bag Tag**
Custom N.I.T. Shirt**
Custom N.I.T. Disc**
Chance to win a N.I.T. CTP at every Tournament
Earn Points at all Tournaments for the Tour Standings
Chance to earn an invite to the Tour Finals
** = Limited to the first 50 N.I.T. Members!

N.I.T. Schedule:
3/26 - Thornton Open - Thornton, IA
4/17 (Sunday) - Hampton Showdown - Hampton, IA
5/8 (Sunday) - Battle at the Bridge - Forest City, IA
6/4 - River City Disco - Mason City, IA
7/23 - Northwood Open - Northwood, IA
8/6 - Coulter Challenge - Coulter, IA
9/17 - Battle of Belmond - Belmond, IA
10/29 - Tour Finals - Northwood, IA

Tournament Entry Fees: (Same for all Tournaments except Tour Finals)
All Men - $20
All Women - $10
Ace Fund (Optional) - $2
*Ace Fund will carry forward to next N.I.T. event if there are no Aces.

Flight Payouts:
Trophy for the Winner of each Flight!
Men's Flight Payouts - 40%/30%/25% of total Men's Entry Fees
with 5% (or $1 per entry) going towards N.I.T. Fees
Women's Flight Payout - 90% of total Women's Entry Fees
with 10% (or $1 per entry) going towards N.I.T. Fees
*Cash Payout for Men's Open Flight, Funny Money Payout for all other Flights.
*With this system the Men's Open Flight will actually have "Added-Cash" into thier payout.
*We will payout the Top 40-45% of each Flight.

Check In - 8:00 to 9:30 a.m.
Player Meeting - 9:45 a.m.
Tee Off - 10:00 a.m.
1 Hour Lunch Break between rounds
Men will be Flighted after the 1st Round
All Tournaments will play 2 Rounds of either 18 or 21 holes.
Forest City - 1st Round all Men play from White Tees, and Women play from Red Tees. 2nd Round Open Men play Blue Tees, Adv Men play White Tees, and Int Men play Red Tees, and Women play Red Tees.

N.I.T. Points/Standings:
Men and Women will have seperate points, standings, and Tour Finals.
N.I.T. Members will get points for playing and for each N.I.T. Member they beat or tie, regardless of flight, at every Tournament.
Amount of points to be earned for playing and per player beat or tied will equal 100 divided by the number of N.I.T. Members at that Tournament.
N.I.T. Winner at each Tournament would also get bonus points of .1 times the number of N.I.T. Members at that Tournament added onto thier 100 points.
Only the Best 3 Tournaments for each N.I.T. Member will be used to determine Final N.I.T. Points for the Tour Standings.
The N.I.T. Standings will be used to "Seed" players at the Tour Finals.
N.I.T. Men must play at least 3 Tournaments to qualify for the Tour Finals.
All N.I.T. Women automatically qualify for the Tour Finals.

Tour Prizes:
Plaques for 1st Place Man and Woman in the Tour Standings.
Trophies for 1st Place Man and Woman in the Tour Finals.
Cash Payout to the Top 40% of the Men & Women Tour Standings.
Cash Payout to the 5 lowest Bag Tags turned in at the Tour Finals, and 1 Random Bag Tag.
There will also be a Prize Drawing at the Tour Finals.
And other fun Challenges at the Tour Finals for prizes.

I think that is about it! I hope to see all 2010 NIT Members in Thornton along with some new faces hopefully!!!!! You will not want to miss out on this Tour! It will be a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!

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